Welcome to Arsi Turkish Bath, Spa & Wellness

Traditional turkish hamam and a relaxing massage are the best way to start your holiday in Alanya.

In our place, massage means a moment of complete relaxation and we only use materials of the best quality. Try our Peeling and Turkish massage, removing all your dead skin cells and remaining tanning oil, preparing your skin for a beautiful and lasting suntan. The peeling fabric stimulates the tip of your nerves, increasing circulation. Our Oils and masks help refresh and rejuvenate your skin, bringing back your natural glow. Try one of our massages and experience how your youthful skin and softness comes back.

When you are on holiday in Alanya we would like to welcome you in our Turkish Bath and Wellness. You can enjoy our Hamam and of course our superb massages. 

If you want to visit us you can contact us, we have a FREE pickup service:
Cumali Yesilagac: +90 507 766 8059

  • Sauna

    Sauna has many positive effects on the human health. Today, many health professionals accept that sauna has curative effect and contribution to treatment against problems related with health from rheumatism to sleep disorder as well as from stress to depressive disturbances.
    Sauna is a helth cabinat which anables you to relax and to rest by sweating and getting calm in a hot, humid and wooden room by getting away from stress and the problems of the day. The benefits of the sauna have been known by people from ancient times up to now and it has been used for the treatment of many diseases such as depressive disorders, arthritis and rheumatism.

  • Relax

    Relax (facemask): clay which was used for cleaning many years ago is now among the beauty products of women. The women who want to be beautiful and well-groomed prefer clay mask for skin care. The clay which is used for enhancing the skin beauty is the most effective on among the natural care products.

  • Massage

    Massage: massage is a methode for stimulating the skin, subcontious tissue, muscles, internal organs, metabolism, circulatory and lymphatic systems mechanically and neurotically (reflex) for treatment purpose for increasing the regional blood circulation with various impacts and for providing more blood to tissue by dilating the vessels.
    Physiological and psychological effect is created on the organism by systematic manipulations by stimulating the soft tissue mechanically with massage. Treatment, care and relaxation are provided on the body surface by means of hand, electric, water etc.